10 Feb

Electronic Door Lock Integration

SASTRA Lite PMS is highly integrated our Electronic Door Lock. In another words, without a proper check in, hotel staff can’t issue card to the room. Not only that, SASTRA is the first to integrate housekeeping to go through the system to issue card to Vacant Dirty Rooms or Occupied Dirty Rooms. In this way, you can monitor the time taken to clean a room and the housekeeper in charge. Most PMS software in the market are generally depend on the Door Lock Floor / Housekeeping card, which actually provide access to Vacant Clean Room as well. This create a unauthorized access to the staff without a proper monitoring.

Some of our sample locks

Model NB02

20161120_130648_resized_1 20161120_134009_resized_1

Model NB03

20161120_132232_resized_1 20161120_132533_resized

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